“All the world loves a lover.” The story of Hosea and Gomer certainly takes its place among the greatest love stories of all time. Hosea's love was so strong that nothing could shake it. Gomer broke his heart, but she made it possible for Hosea to give us a dramatic picture of God's love for sinners.

You may remember that after King Solomon, the nation split into two parts: the northern kingdom of Is­rael; and the southern kingdom of Judah. Hosea minis­tered to the northern kingdom in its darkest period, just before it fell to Assyria and disappeared from history.

The prophet was concerned about the idolatry of the people and their unfaithfulness to God. He predicted that God would punish them for their sins. But even so, Hosea writes of God's constant, prevailing love for His people.

This love is beautifully expressed in Hosea chapter 11:8, where God says, “How can I give you up, Israel, How can I abandon you? ...My heart will not let me do it! My love for you is too strong.”

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